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Aquaponics system is a system in which fish and plants have a symbiotic relationship; the fish waste is used by the plants as fertilizers. There are many variables to consider when building this system and the fish is certainly one of those factors. The different fish species for aquaponics system are discussed in this article.

You can’t just get any fish for your aquaponics system because of factors like temperatures and others. There are only certain fish species for aquaponics system that can be used. Below we give you the different types of fish you can use in your system for the best results.

There are a few characteristics you must consider when choosing a fish for your system: temperature, growth rate, hardiness, edible or not, home (fish tank), and companionship.

Fish Species For Aquaponics System

  1. Tilapia

Tilapia is a warm water fish; it is the perfect all-rounder for this system. They grow fast and can breed in a tank. Tilapia can withstand very poor water conditions and they live on plant-based food or algae. Tilapia is a very good source of protein.

aquaponics tilapia fish

2.  White Bass

The White Bass fish is a very tasty fish that eats small crabs and fish. It lays hundreds of thousands of eggs during the spawning season which means you must have a very large tank before deciding on White Bass. It is 9 inches long in size on average.

Due to the White Bass being carnivorous, you will spend more money to feed it than the tilapia, but it tastes better. These are some of the factors you must consider before deciding on White Bass.

aquaponics white bass fish

3. Barramundi

Barramundi is good for the aquaponics system as it is a warm water fish. It has a clean and crisp taste. White Bass is a carnivorous fish that feeds on bugs, shrimp, and smaller fish. This means it will be more costly to have Barramundi in your aquaponics system than Tilapia. It’s advisable to buy mature Barramundi for your aquaponics system so you can harvest a larger fish.

aquaponics barramundi fish
Aquaponics barramundi fish

4. Crappies

Crappies are one of the best fish species for the aquaponics system. Crappies grow very well in a fish tank. One factor to consider when deciding on Crappies is that they have to grow and develop for two years before they can mate and reproduce. They are carnivorous which means they eat crabs, small fish, and bugs.

aquaponics crappies fish
aquaponics crappies fish

5. Catfish

Catfish is a very good candidate for the aquaponics system.  Catfish do well in warm water. It is a hardy fish that is resistant to disease and parasites when it lives in a quality-controlled habitat. They like to occupy the bottom portion of the fish tank, hence; they can live in a fish tank with another fish species, usually the Blue Gill.  Catfish is edible but it isn’t the best in taste. A lot has to be put into making it taste good.

cat fish for aquaponics system
aquaponics catfish

6.  Trout

Trout is a cold-water fish for an aquaponics system. If you live in a cold climate all year, then the Trout is your best choice for your aquaponics system. It needs pristine water conditions for it to grow well. It has a majestic taste.

Trout are fast-growing fish, usually six months, and are carnivorous. They can eat their own species or other fish. They are fed commercial pellets or homemade pellets. These are factors to consider if you want to have Trout in your aquaponics system.

aquaponics trout fish
aquaponics trout fish

7.  Jade Perch

Jade Perch is a native Australian fish that has the highest concentration of Omega-3 oils compared to all of the other fish species. Jade Perch is a carnivorous fish which means it eats small fish, crabs, and bugs.

aquaponics jade perch fish
aquaponics jade perch fish

8.  Silver Perch

Silver Perch is a native Australian all-around fish that grows well under a variety of conditions. Silver Perch is omnivorous and can eat duckweed, small fish, algae, and Azolla. They don’t grow fast and can take anywhere between 12 – 18 months to mature.

aquaponics silver perch fish
aquaponics silver perch fish

9.  Goldfish

Goldfish is a pretty tough fish. They can withstand the hardest water conditions; they are tropical species, hence; they like hot climates. They like plant cover in order for them to breed.

aquaponics gold fish
aquaponics goldfish

10.  Koi

This Japanese fish is an ornamental species. It is best to buy it young when it isn’t expensive. Koi are a good candidate for aquaponics systems; they have a long lifespan, eat plant matter, and are resistant to parasites. They produce a lot of waste matter which feeds the plants in your aquaponics system.

aquaponics koi fish
aquaponics koi fish

11.  Murray Cod

Murray cod is another native Australian fish that grows to a very large size. Murray cods are very good for aquaponics systems. They tend to fare well in their native habitats or aquaponics systems. They grow very fast and have good taste. They have to be stocked in high densities and fed well or they tend to eat each other.

12.  Carp

Carp are very good for the aquaponics system as they are freshwater fish that easily adapts to any environment. They reproduce well and grow very fast. They are edible but not as tasty as some of the other fish. They can’t be sold except for ethnic markets.

aquaponics carp fish
aquaponics carp fish

The Bottom Line

Not any type of fish can be used in an aquaponics system. There are certain types of fish that can make the aquaponics system successful and we have given you all the information concerning them to enable you to make the best choice based on what you want from your aquaponics system.